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I adore how it came out! It's a great quality and my artwork came out perfectly! It's also a very nice material! I've been looking around for custom mouse pads and desk pads, and all the other places were either really expensive, didn't have a good quality going off of reviews, or they wanted a ton of them to be ordered at once. This came out perfect and was exactly what I was looking for!

Absolutely amazing!

The quality was outstanding! It has a very soft silky feel to it too, The colours were super vibrant and accurate I definitely recommend this company to anyone whos looking to purchase a mousepad for their gaming setup!

Love it, adds mass(ive) effect to my desk!

Well, what's there to say that's not already in the title? I was looking for a final "piece de resistance" for my computer desk setup, and I already knew of Specter and their products through online reviews. So I ordered one and it definitely lived up to expectations. Excellent material, excellent print with lots of detail, so I totally love it!

The reviews were true!

I did extensive research into custom mousepads and eventually landed on Specter/PrintYourPad.

The reviews I came across praised them heavily for providing not only a quality product in terms of its physical properties (thickness, softness), but also the clarity of the image that they print.

No complaints! (May come back and provide an update, to see how it holds up!)

Amazing Quality

If you're looking for a custom mousepad for any aesthetic setup, Specter mousepads has your back. Not only is the quality of the mousepad itself good but I was surprised by how well the image transferred onto it.

I'm not at all disappointed by this purchase and I'll be looking forward to possibly ordering more from this company in the future!

Awesome product, just what i wanted

Exactly what I wanted

After buying my first gaming computer last month, I knew I wanted the perfect desk pad to go with it. Trouble was, no one made it, and the other custom places kind of sucked. They wouldn't align the image right, or you couldn't pick the background color. Seemingly simple things that mean a great deal when you're spending money.

I happened across Specter online, and after looking at some reviews and fiddling around with their custom pad maker, I thought "If this doesn't work, I'll just try again." I didn't even have to worry about it. The image is crystal clear, placed exactly where I wanted it. They even emailed me before sending to confirm it was what I wanted. The extra stitching around the edge is great, very tight stitches that will ensure the pad lasts for years.

Shipping was a touch slower than I hoped, but it was a difference of a couple of days. When you want something, everything seems to take forever.

Overall, highly recommended. Quality product, great customer service.


A M A Z I N G !


First of all, I am in love with this picture and to see it come to life with this quality and smoothness feels unreal. The absolute attention to detail put in by the art team upscaling the image is astonishing. The vibrancy radiates off its full colors and elements. Thank you, specter team, for one of the best shopping decisions I have made! (And the really fast shipping <3)

I absolutely love it! It looks amazing!

Absolute Incredible Mousepad

I purchased the largest mousepad with a height of 2mm, which has exceeded my expectations. It's so good that I don't even want to use my computer anymore or else I risk ruining it. Before buying this, I was on the fence about spending a lot of money (CAD) as I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Receiving it now, I can say this was very worth it. First, the graphic processing team did an incredible job making the image high-rez with such a large mousepad. My photo can't capture it but all the specks of stars from the original image show up on the mousepad and the colour is also accurate. Second, the material on this mousepad is high quality. The pad is just really nice to touch and my old cloth mousepad use to make this scratching noise when moving my mouse but this one doesn't. Also, since I got the 2mm mousepad, I was worried that the edges would be raised higher than the mouse area but they are flush with each other. I will be recommending this to my friends and will certainly consider buying another one in the future. 11/10.

Fantastic mousepad, completed and shipped beyond expectations. The image I sent had some noticeable imperfections and it’s clear the team at Specter went over it with great effort and made a fun, inside joke mousepad that is exactly what I wanted as well as being visibly professionally crafted. Thank you so much!

INCREDIBLE Custom Mousepad

I was floored by the quality and the fact that they touch up your custom photo themselves to make it look clean and hi-res even on a much larger surface than it should be on.

The mousepad I requested for my SO on her birthday turned out amazing.

(photo attached doesn't do it justice)

Already tempted to get one for myself...

Truly exceptional!

I am absolutely blown away by this mousepad!
I have the 3mm version. It's soft but also very sturdy. You can easily roll it up without leaving any folds.
During FPS games my mouse registered the mousepad without any issues. I tested it using the HyperX Pulsefire Haste.

The quality of this print is incredible. It's so finely printed, you can see the individual brush strokes in the image. There are no printing errors of any kind.
The artwork that I chose was a very detailed picture with a variety of very rich colors. To my surprise, the colors on the mousepad are almost identical to the image I gave them. Only the orange in the top left corner is a tiny bit brighter, otherwise there are no visible differences. It's truly remarkable how they managed to get such accurate colors.
The way the artwork blends smoothly into the stitching looks really clean. The stitching itself is sturdy for the most part. However, I would recommend to not fidget with the stitching or wash the mousepad excessively.

The editing service is also exceptional. My image wasn't tall enough to fit the mousepad, so they took it upon themselves to extend the image. There is about a 3 inch strip on the top as well as the sides of the mousepad, containing information that did not exist before. The patterns in the fish at the top as well as the top of the womans head and elbow have all been handpainted by Specter - and it looks so real! I'm very impressed by how precisely it's been edited.
With an image this detailed, they could have very well charged me an additional 100-150 USD for the edit. However, the service was completely free.

I'm definitely gonna order here again once I get tired of this mousepad!

Still the Best

It's been around 2 years since my first Order. I loved the mousepad I got and now felt, that I need another one. So that I'm able to switch the pads and wash them.
The new mousepad came abd AGAIN, it did blow my mind!!! The quality is skyrocking. Not just the pad itself also the picture!! Even the delivery was good (I'm from Germany).
Even the 2 year old mousepad is just a little dirty and while in use around 6 hours a day still in pretty awesome shape!!
Overall I would always buy again! I love this mousepads and wouldn't buy any other.

Great customer service, quality of material and images

I was extremely picky about how I wanted my mousepad design so I was very specific about how I wanted it. The Specter Labs Team were very quick and did exactly what I asked for. I was hesitant about the quality but it came out extremely better than I thought it would.


The package took a little while to ship, but holy was it worth it. The colors are so good, and my mouse glides over it super cleanly. I have a g502 with no feet yet, but it still feels extremely smooth. Highly highly recommend it

Good product!

Only one (minor) stitching error at the left side of the print, but overall very good! The 4mm is nice and cushioned as well, and it lays comfortably flat immediately after unrolling from the box. The rubber backing is also really good quality and keeps it in place on my polyurethane finished solid wood butcher block desk. It's *way* better than my old Corsair one, and that one lasted me a solid 6-7 years before I felt like I wanted more.

My biggest issue was honestly selecting a landscape within the confines of the aspect ratios; additional tools or options would make the user experience immeasurably better! However, if you're paying the $20-$30 for a mass produced desk mat or mouse pad, you may as well shell out the extra $15-$20 and go custom with Specter. I will be ordering again at some point to switch things up.

I just have a laptop, but as digital artist I spend so much time at my desk, I just needed a mouse pad. Then why not get a custom made? This thing is amazing quality, material and print, and very mouse friendly. Absolutely loving the size and colors! Shipping took long tho, but I'm from the Netherlands :)

Absolutely amazing!

The purchasing process was great! John was incredibly helpful and answered all inquiries regarding any potential issues with the chosen photo. The art team also did an amazing job - they were able to fill out the canvas since the aspect ratio of the mousepad is different from a typical image. I came in expect to buy 1 but end up with 2 :D Definitely will be coming back for more.


I chose something personal, edited a screenshot of my first ever indie RPG game I played so many years ago and it was perfect. Choosing specter mousepads was a great choice because I love the print and quality! Shipping in the US itself took a while but I think 3+ weeks to reach Singapore was not bad. It was slightly slower than I expected (ordered from the US several times before) BUT might be the new normal in covid times. Would definitely consider getting a few more mousepad next time :)

Quality is top tier.

I love this mouse pad and the print quality with the image sharping is great. Will buy again for study setup.

Quality beyond expectations

I was amazed to see my original art reproduced perfectly. Accurate colors, high resolution print, quality material. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this good. Strongly recommended!

Amazing Quality (Side by Side)

So I got a new PC and wanted to get a bigger mat to go along with it. I've had a Specter mat for years and decided to buy from them again just in a bigger version this time and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. If anybody has any doubts about how long the image and color quality last, the double image is both mats side by side. The one on the left I've had for about two years now and the new one is on the right is brand new. I can honestly barley tell the difference in them. You cant go wrong with these.


I got a custom mousepad for my bf who has rly been grinding league this last year and i must say this mouse pad is worth the price. The print is amazing and fabric quality even better.