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Medium Custom Pad

Great quality. Fast shipping. Everything is awesome *chefs kiss 👌🏻

Beautiful and well done

Perfectly done, the picture is well rendered, finition is very good. awesome work !

Better than I thought

I bought the same size mouse pad before from a different website and decided to customize a new one with this new website. Gotta say, both website said 4mm but this one is thicker which is a plus. Quality wise, this one is a lot better. I'll definitely buy from here again if I decide I want a new image.

The Emperor Protects

somehow better than perfect. it printed out sharper than the image I gave them originally. everything is so clear and crisp and printed right to the edge. its thick and feels hefty and reliable. the rubber is great, grippy, thick. If I ever need another, or if I find someone who does. this'll be the place to get one.


The quality of these mousepads is absolutely incredible. The picture has a VEEERY high resolution which I absolutely love! Can only recommend this website if you're looking for a good-quality custom mousepad! <3
(#ArcaneIsTheBest ^^)

Bought 2, for my wife and I.
Simply awesome overall, the print, the fabric, the stitching on the edges. Awesome.
I wish I can order posters from you guys.

The best custom deskmats you will ever own.

I now own 4 custom deskmats from Specter and counting... Quality product. Exceptional color matching. Amazing customer service. Based company.

I am so happy

I am soooo satisfied with the quality and the texture. The print quality is also AMAZING i can see each vector line clearly. I love it. I commissioned an artist for the piece of art I was going to print on this exact mousepad, so I am really glad it turned out exactly how I hoped it would. I can't stop touching it HAHAHA even my parents were impressed when they saw it. 10/10! If I have another mousepad I want in the future, I will definitely order from Specter again.

Great Mousepad

This is my 2nd purchase because the quality was so good on the first one that I had purchased a few years ago.
This mousepad was made from a photo of The Boogie Man Nebula (also known as Lynds’ Dark Nebula (LDN) 1622) is a dark molecular cloud that lies only 500 light-years away.
I love these mousepads, if you are looking for a mousepad this is your place. just buy one :)

Got mine in the mail yesterday, feels great in the hands, I went for the 5mm thickness and do not regret it in the slightest. came crease-less and laid flat on the first use. the print quality is nothing short of perfect and have already reccomended their mouse pads to other friends. 5/5 stars

Breathtaking Upscaling and Quality

As someone who works with image processing and digital formats, I'm blown away by the preservation of color and detail on these mouse pads. I ordered the largest at the third thickest measurement and needless to say I will be a lifelong customer for Specter. Keep in mind, I don't game as much as I used to, so your mileage may vary if you prefer a certain feel for competitive gaming. Another note is that the pad will stay put! My desk inclines when I draw and the mousepad stays put at a 45 degree angle. Customer service is also immaculate, never once did I feel out of control with my order.

Again, can't stop gushing about the quality of these pads; Cheers, Specter, you guys are awesome!


Fantastic quality and detail. I highly recommend


I am amazed by the quality of the mousepad, I absolutely love the prinstream design and i recommend Specter highly to everyone who wants a custom mousepad with really good quality!


This is the first custom desk mat I've ever purchased. I couldn't be happier. The quality of the mat itself, as well as, the image are perfect! I wasn't sure how clear this image would be given the size of the mat but it's very high quality. I would highly recommend SPECTER!


Looks fantastic!! Extremely happy with how it looks with my set up!!!

XXL Custom Print Deskmat

This is without a doubt the best on-demand printing item I have ever seen or purchased. I followed their image submission instructions and received a super high res, HD quality result. THANK YOU SPECTER!!


I had high expectations when ordering and once I received the mouse pad I realized they weren’t high enough. This thing is perfect, quality and colors pop and I can’t stop looking at it.

Looks amazing!
The quality of the print and the pad itself is awesome!
Thank you so much!

Brought my commissioned art to life!

The sales team and design team have gone above and beyond to get my custom commissioned art piece looking as crystal clear, and sharp as the original digital artwork was.

Not to mention the high fidelity of the artwork that was printed onto the mat, it doesn't look distorted, stretched, blurry, or pixelated.

I ADORE how beautifully the team at Spectre/ have brought this artwork to life for my gaming setup~

I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. However my only criticism is the shipping company they use, please don't use Asendia guys XD (it's not the Specter companies fault that Asendia takes forever to deliver items, but a more reliable delivery service is my recommendation)

Otherwise this is AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Love it!

The mousepad was super easy to customize through the site and at first I had my doubts about how it would arrive, but the image upscaling is excellent! It looks just as I was hoping, and the material feels great, too. I was so sick of my previous mousepad being way too tiny and constantly sliding around, so I'm extremely happy with how smooth this one feels and looks! Thanks so much, I'll be sure to order from here again if I ever need another one! Really great work. :)


It’s so difficult finding a cute desk mat that has good quality and is affordable. I had bought one online but the quality just wasn’t there, it didn’t match the picture perfect photos online. I decided to go with Specter instead to see if they could make me a better one, and they delivered for sure. The process was incredibly easy and John from the support team even let me view the photo after their editing team finished working on it to make sure I loved it. The photo I sent was a little short on the sides for the size I wanted but their graphic team pulled through!! I was a little skeptical to be honest that it would look natural since it’s an illustration with a particular style but you literally can’t even tell where the original drawing ends and the edit begins! It quite literally looks like it’s a part of the drawing, I was astounded. The print quality is superb and so crisp and clear, even better than what it looks like on my monitor. Bottom line if you want a sick looking desk pad for a reasonable price, buy it from Specter. Even if you’re just slightly considering it, just do it.


Recently had the chance to work from home do decided to treat myself to something nice, this was definitely worth the hype! I am very impressed with the quality of the mat as well as the clarity of the image that I submitted. I was very anxious and kept tracking the package to make sure I didn't miss it and it's finally here!! I love this so much and will be more than happy to return for a future setup.

First deskmat, amazing quality!

This is the first custom deskmat that I purchased from Specter, so I was a bit skeptical at first. However, when it arrived, I was blown away by the quality of the deskmat! The colors and the materials were exceptional, and really does tie together an entire setup, highly recommend!!

2nd or 3rd mousepad - still awesome!

I think this is the second mousepad I've bought from Specter and they're still fantastic! The pad is smooth and feels nice: important cause your wrist is going to rub on it a lot (esp. when gaming). I got the thickest pad this time. Can't say for sure whether it was entirely necessary, but I do like the extra padding. The art came out great! The colors are vibrant and quality excellent. Overall, I'm not great with words to describe it, but this is the best mousepad I've ever had. Totally worth it!

XXL Custom Print Deskmat
Sebastian Riggs
2nd Purchase

As was the first time around, mouse pad came out fantastic, not one for writing reviews but this company never fails to impress!