The trick to improve your aiming precision in Overwatch

The trick to improve your aiming precision in Overwatch

In this short article I'm going to reveal to you a trick you can master and become a true headshot sniper in the game. Usually I would say - go practice with Ana bots with "headshot only" setting before your every game. But you're not here for a "go practice" advice, are ya?

Without bullshit, in plain English, the trick is "Use your arm, not your wrists!"

And here's what I mean by that: using wrists and fingers to aim on a mouse sensitivity where you can turn around 180 degrees without lifting your wrist severely impedes your aiming precision. It may be good in most of the games, however when it comes to FPS shooters like Overwatch, this is actually a very bad habit. Almost every single pro FPS gamer plays on a very low in-game mouse sensitivity. They'll have to move their mouse much more to go the same distance as you do. If you keep your wrist on the table then with low mouse sensitivity you won't be able to turn your character around or even have enough movement to aim at the edge of your screen.
To begin aiming the correct way you'll have to lift your wrist from the table and start moving your mouse with your entire arm. This is going to feel really uncomfortable at first, but it will really pay off. This technique will allow you to play on low sensitivity which in turn will let you aim much much more precisely and you'll start easily tracking your targets for those sweet headshots. Your muscle memory in your arm is much more accurate than in your wrist and with wider movement your brain will have much better understanding how far you should move your mouse to hit a precise point on your screen.
To check in practice what I'm talking about, take a piece of paper and a pen and try drawing a circle without lifting your wrist from the table. In most cases your cicrle will look something like this.


Now lift your arm and try drawing a bigger circle with just your shoulder and your elbow moving. You may not perfectly connect the line on the first try, but your circle will certainly look much cleaner and curvy.

Hand Drawn Circle

That's what I'm talking about when saying that your arm has more precision than your wrist.

Time to go practice! Forgive me for saying the word "practice" again, but this trick definitely requires some to get used to. 

This is a single most important habit to master which will have the most substantial impact on your gaming score. It is honed by Grandmasters of FPS and now you can add it to your arsenal.

With wider mouse movement you will need a larger mousepad. Fortunately there are some good extra large mousepads to choose from, but if you'd like to add a more personal touch to your gaming rig, I suggest making your own mousepad. With Spectre Custom Mousepads you can pick and upload your favorite image to be printed on the mousepad fabric and choose your preferred mousepad thickness.

Even if you do not aim to become a Grandmaster in Overwatch, don't miss out on an opportunity to make your gaming space look awesome!

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