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This is the hardest part, right? But the most fun too! Start with what you are into, maybe gaming or anime wallpapers?

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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Based on 1015 reviews
Looks awesome and feels great

Very pleased with my mousemat, I used one of my one photos for the design and they made it look great on the mousemat. I really appreciate the no-splash feature as my previous deskmat was always getting stained and I had to clean it frequently, this is much easier to just brush crumbs off rather than have to clean them out. Definitely worth the money, I will use this for a long time.

Just got the mat in place, it looks amazing. I was worried that blowing a picture up to that size would pixelate or distort it, but the image is perfect. The edge stitching really sets off the quality, and the weight and bottom liner really make it stick in place, so I wont be worried about the possibility of it sliding. I am very happy with it and will be recommending you in the future.

As good as i'd hoped

Although the delivery time was quite long (about 25 days) because i live in the Netherlands, I give the product a solid 5/5! The customer support was great and i am very happy with my new mousepad. It is a bit pricey perhaps, but definetly worth it!

Great mousepad

Great mouse pad. Good colors and good feel

Immaculate Quality

I ordered the regular size mouse pad using a high res photo from google images of game box art. The quality of the mat is incredible; on par or better than any mousepad or Magic the Gathering mat I’ve owned. And it’s the exact design that I wanted printed at a great quality. Recommending to all my friends.

Came out amazing!

First pad from these guys and i must say i am very please with my product. I will definitely order again!

The mousepad looks awesome! It's absolutely mind-blowing and the print is just amazing. Also, the pad feels super well put together and smooth!

Stellar in every way!

The mousepad I got is even better than what I was hoping for. It's exactly what I envisioned, the mousepad itself is really nice, while the print is vibrant and really high quality. The customer support experience is also top notch. I'm really happy with my mousepad and I've instantly become a customer for life!

Awesome Quality

The Quality of this is just Perfect, I'm so happy that I found Specter. At first I was not sure if I should order a Mousepad here because I'm not that experienced with customisable stuff and I didn't know if I could trust a newly found site I didn't know anything about, but then I decided to just go with it and order here, and guess what, I couldn't be happier with the choice I made. The customer support is also very nice. I am very happy, I would buy here again in the future and I would reccomend it to everyone I know. I went with the XXXL, 4mm size, It's PERFECT. btw my phone isn't the best and can't get the full quality.

Good Value

Works well, If unsure for what type of image just find a high res (4k+) for the larger sizes and it'll come out well. I'm not sure what upsizing picture stuff they use but it works great. the mousepad below is just a 4k wallpaper. This is my second mousepad from them and both seem to have great stitching on the sides and the first one is 3 years old and still going strong with very limited signs of use. This is an excellent way to match the vibe of your keyboard and overall setup.

I love it and I don't regret it

Normally, whilst absolutely wrecked on caffeine I would do something I normally regret, it just so happened that this was the outcome, however this is something I do not regret. 10/10 would do again

Never disappoints!

Amazing print and quality as always. 3rd mouse pad purchased.

Better than I expected. Amazing work. Best Mousepads out there!

So I did not expect Specter to touch up and enhance the image.
They even added to it and repositioned certain letters and logos to far corners.
Look at the Image I provided them.... And now look at the mousepad they gave me.....
Their customer service is amazing and get my full endorsement.
If there is a genuine issue, they will do what whatever they can to resolve it.

Outstanding customer service

I reached out to customer support with an idea of what I wanted for my mouse pad design, and they sent my ideas off to a graphics artist on the team who provided me with multiple mock ups for options. I love the way this mouse pad turned out, and I cannot say enough about how awesome the Spector Team is when it comes to making an idea into reality.

Unbelievable Quality

Look, here's the thing: you can read all these reviews that tell you how great the design and end product turned out and you might think you have a pretty good idea that you're going to get a decent mousepad based on all the positive reviews. Let me tell you, I was still surprise at how good this thing turned out. All that marketing "we sharpen the image with this fancy process", yea, it's the real deal. This thing is amazing and no photo on here, no matter how good, will do it justice. If you're reading this, just buy the mat. Seriously.


I love this - it’s awesome to be able to turn my art into a deskmat

Amazing quality

The quality of the print is very nice and I'm more than happy with how it came out. Can't wait to show it off to friends and family!

Perfect Print

Couldn't be more satisfied on how the pad came out, just sent a quality image and got a quality pad. Print color and quality is amazing. I got 4mm thickness and it feels very nice. Am very tempted to buy another in the future, as long as the customer care and quality is kept at this high standard.

Bringing color to my desk

I ordered two pads with photos I recently took of a Sunset on Port Hueneme pier. I couldn’t decide which photo i wanted on my desk so I printed two and I’m glad I did as I have a matching set.

Product holds up great after a year, excellent design team as well.

I purchased the Medium Custom Print Mousepad from Specter in early 2022 with the following request:

"I've decided I want [a mousepad] with a picture of my favorite character from [30 year old Anime] ... I'm not having much luck [finding one the right size].

If I sent you three of my favorite frames from the show, would it be possible to do something of a collage effect and fit the size of the mouse pad that way?"

The graphic designers put much more effort than I had expected when I first received the draft image, and even surprised me by re-doing the shading on the foreground (the final result ended up being a very nice compliment to the original cel shading with added detail to fit the larger print size). After a few color tweaks, the printed product shipped looking every bit as good as the final draft that was emailed to me.

The mousepad itself is excellent both for use on a permanent workspace and for use with a laptop computer, as I can roll it up to the size I need and fit it easily in my computer bag. The pad on the back has a good grip that doesn't slide around easily, and it has just the right amount of give for my tastes (I got the 3mm thickness).

After a year of use it is in pretty much the same condition as I received it in, aside from the occasional bit of dust; the care instructions for blotting any spills with a towel soaked in water have worked well, though I haven't allowed anything with a volume of more than an oz or two near it.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the product I purchased, and would recommend Specter to others looking for something similar for themselves, or for a gift for a loved one who can never find anything featuring their favorite animal/fictional character/etc.

Love my new pad

I loved how it turned out. Great print quality and I love the thickness. I was looking for a desk pad and half way in my search I realized that I can design my own. It’s a lot better than my old bland one.


The product arrived in one month and 10 days. I could say that was the "bad" part of my experience (Europe). During the shipping process, I contacted customer service and I couldn't be more grateful for the treatment I have received.
In evaluating the product... it has far exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something of quality for the price but not something like this. The quality of the image is unbeatable, it looks PERFECT, the colours are vivid, the definition is amazing... As for the material, I chose the thicker one and I couldn't be happier with my choice. In other words, just great!!

Details I didn't know existed.

I had options as to which company I was going to order a custom deskmat from. SO GLAD I CHOSE SPECTER. I got the deskmat today and saw the image ten times better than it ever appeared on my computer. Details in the image I didn't even know were there because my monitor made the image so much darker than it actually was. The deskmat is beyond my expectations and I will recommend Specter custom mousepads to anyone I know that may want a custom mousepad or deskmat.

From the customer service to the quality of the mousepad, from the beginning to end, all I can is say FLAWLESS! Specter Customs has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the print is CRISPY! The feeling of the mousepad feels premium. Thank you to John Stein and the rest of the team for not only answering my questions but accommodating me and leaving me with such a beautiful pad. What I loved about Specter Customs and what I believe separates them from others is that they make the process of ordering a custom pad extremely simple and easy.

I'm shocked on how good it is

I wanted to get a custom mouse matt with this metal sign image I have, the photos I was able to produce were not the best, a shinny metal sign will have a lot of reflections when taking the a picture, so I wrote in and asked if it could be done, they told me yes, but I was a bit hesitant, I made the order anyway and a few days later I got an email from them saying that their art people went over the image and made the corrections I wanted, and send me a proof of concept, it was perfect, I approved it and a few days after that I got the matt on the mail and it's incredible good, I could have not asked for a better print truly amazed at what they did, and will fully recommend it to anyone.