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State-of-the-art mousepad production lab in the USA

At Specter, every detail matters. From the moment you place your order, to the moment we have it shipped - we control the entire process. Most companies out there outsource production and engage in dropshipping, we do printing in-house.



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They say it's just a mousepad, NO IT IS NOT. It is the best friend for your mouse, and maybe your keyboard too?


It all starts with you, let your personality shine through your gaming and workspace. Check out the full guide how to prepare your file.

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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Based on 911 reviews
Mostly happy despite one flaw.

I created a design from scratch to have made into a mousepad, specifically requesting to not have it "cleaned up" as I wanted to maintain the intentional grainy noise I added, the entire design was meant to look like a glitching screen. While all the other effects I used came out crystal clear and perfect, the noise effect is barely noticeable now, which I am pretty disappointed with. Overall though, the mat looks very good, and I am happy enough with it. I also wish it covered my desk a bit better, but this isn't really Specter's fault, I had to choose a size that would work. I would suggest allowing custom sized pads in the future.

Awesome Mousepads

I ordered two mousepads, one for my work setup and one for my gaming setup. Both look absolutely stunning. Very good print quality & amazing colors. I took the 5mm version and they have a really nice soft feel to them. The surface with the print also feels very nice to the touch and my mouse glides effortlessly on it. Looking forward to the next gaming and work sessions XD

This is my favorite mousepad on the Citadel.

The mousepad showed up way faster than I thought, is in fantastic condition, and the image is super crisp. It is so nice, that it is almost a shame to use it! Once again, Specter Mousepads impresses!

Mousepad review

The mousepad came in even better than the picture i send in (crazy right)

Best 60$ I’ve spent!

Quality of the mousepad and the image are amazing. Can’t stop staring at it! Highly recommend

One of the best mouse pads I've found

Honestly, incredible work from the staff for this kind of quality. I went from a Glorious XXXL to this and I'm glad I made the swap. Material is incredible, feel is smooth - and the quality of the print is indescribable. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Absolutely fantastic!

The en result is magnificent, the photos I took don't make justice to the quality of the pad in person. The image turned out perfect. Took a bit of time to get here but completely worth the wait.

Still Amazed

Second one I buy and still it blows me away by the quality of pad and the service is great

Amzing quality

Took a while to get to Australia but it was worth the wait.

Excellent quality and support

Super impressed with the quality of this deskmat! The support team at Spectre was incredible as well. I had to submit a custom image, and they worked with me throughout the entire design process. It was an excellent experience overall. 10/10 would recommend!

The quality is fantastic I would rate it an 11/10 it’s just that good the texture mmm my mouse just slides across it and my mousepad doesn’t move even while pvping it’s the best mouse pad I could ask for

Great unique mousepad

I created an unique and perzonalized picture using AI and Specter Custom Mousepads printed it on a soft and comfortable mousepad, and shipped it all the way to Finland. Very happy with the product.


Lets start with the search. Looked at maybe 6-7 websites to create a custom pad. Wasn’t finding the measurements I was after and reviews/pics weren’t that great. Stumbled here, saw some good reviews and pictures of products looked great. Now that I have ordered and received the pad I can honestly say I found the right place. Not only does the mousepad look and feel great, they were prompt in communication when I had questions and nice enough to send a photo along before it was shipped out. My only real complaint and I wouldn’t even call it one, was I wanted the trim stitching to be black and was told they couldn’t do it. I think it would have brought the piece together a little better but no biggie. So I’ve posted this on Reddit and Facebook and both posts have gotten over 1k likes, private messages asking where they can buy it from because they love it so much. Don’t sleep on this company, they do great work and customer service is fantastic. Oh and you can pick out which thickness you want? The 5mm is perfect. If you’re picking between this company and another.. I promise these guys are better.

NSFW Awesome Mouse Pad!

Incredible quality, picture come out great. Definitely getting more in the future. Great job people of Specter!

Amazing Quality!

absolutely beautiful quality! they took my photo and blew it up to turn out crisp and clean — the size and thickness of the mousepad is phenomenal! definitely love and will be purchasing again. 🧡💜

Amazing mat

The print looks amazing and quality is very good I went with a 5mm thick and love it, you won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to get it in my setup, Makes me want to get another!

Very high print quality, Great service

I sent an image that was very detailed and had a lot of thin lines, but due to it being somewhat low resolution I was worried it might not come out right. My expectations were blown away, all the fine details are represented very nicely. It is clear the team at specter did a great job of upscaling the image and making sure it came out properly on the print- I provided a close up shot to show how detailed the print is. Feels nice and smooth, and it stays firmly in place on my desk. I was also provided great service, I had originally ordered an XL, but changed my mind a couple days later as my order was being processed, and I asked if I could change to XXXL. Got a response within a few hours and the change was made, and my order was shipped that night. Phenomenal print quality and great service, I would highly recommend.

Exceeded Expectations

This company made several claims about quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship on their site. Then, they did something rare that few companies do: they actually delivered on all their claims. You don't even have to take my word for it. Take a look at the pictures I added and see the quality for yourself. The surface is soft and smooth, and has the perfect level of traction for both gaming and productivity. The stitching on the edges is as flawless as you can get. I also had to make one small revision because I uploaded the wrong image file that was missing some edits. They replied to my email very quickly and forwarded my changes to the printing department the same day. Excellent service, great product. Shipping took just under 3 weeks, but this is a high quality, fully custom product, so I really can't complain. The end result is absolutely worth the wait!

Actually as good as the reviews say

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about buying a mousepad from this company. A lot of online sellers have shady practices that involve fake or paid for reviews so I was wary. However, when my pad came all of those doubts were put to rest. The pad is amazing quality for the money. The colors are very bright and saturated. The cloth is super soft, my old mousepad (a Steel Series) feels like sandpaper in comparison. I got the 4mm thickness which is firm but with a little give, just what I wanted. The stitching around the edge looks good and took on the colors nicely. It lays completely flat out of the box, no awkward bumps, folds, or rolling. No printing errors, in fact the print resolution is very impressive with nearly pixel perfect precision and no bleeding. Overall an incredible value. The support staff was also very helpful in answering my technical questions while I was preparing my image.

Incredible Artists & Service

I sent an email with a question about editing an image I had in mind for a desk mat, and immediately got a reply back with a quick sketch. After ordering, I was allowed to review the final edited image before the pad was produced. Absolutely thrilled with the lengths the artists went to in order to produce a high quality image.

Amazing quality and customer service!

My mouse pad wasn't delivered the first time for some reason, but the Specter team kindly reprinted it and even shipped via a different courier to ensure I got it! So happy with the results and can't thank you guys enough :)


I adore how it came out! It's a great quality and my artwork came out perfectly! It's also a very nice material! I've been looking around for custom mouse pads and desk pads, and all the other places were either really expensive, didn't have a good quality going off of reviews, or they wanted a ton of them to be ordered at once. This came out perfect and was exactly what I was looking for!

Absolutely amazing!

The quality was outstanding! It has a very soft silky feel to it too, The colours were super vibrant and accurate I definitely recommend this company to anyone whos looking to purchase a mousepad for their gaming setup!

Love it, adds mass(ive) effect to my desk!

Well, what's there to say that's not already in the title? I was looking for a final "piece de resistance" for my computer desk setup, and I already knew of Specter and their products through online reviews. So I ordered one and it definitely lived up to expectations. Excellent material, excellent print with lots of detail, so I totally love it!

The reviews were true!

I did extensive research into custom mousepads and eventually landed on Specter/PrintYourPad.

The reviews I came across praised them heavily for providing not only a quality product in terms of its physical properties (thickness, softness), but also the clarity of the image that they print.

No complaints! (May come back and provide an update, to see how it holds up!)