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It is all in the details. Professionals in this industry call it 'the substrate'. Immaculate stitching, grippy rubber, premium gaming surface.

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It is all about the tech. Only the latest dye-sublimation production equipment, the genuine EPSON inks, high heat and pressure for sharpest never fading prints.

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Based on 969 reviews
Nice finish and texture

High quality image, the team helped fix the corners since I included PSD files. Customer service was nice and I would recommend them.

The color is so vibrant!

The picture doesn't even do it justice, I drew my mousepad design and it looks absolutely beautiful no loss of quality, or art. I'm obsessed, it's just how I envisioned it! Thank you for your awesome printing service Specter! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶♡♡

Absolutely Obsessed!

I have bought from Specter for several years now and bought a few mouse pads of my own and for loved ones now that I'm streaming I wanted to have my own product on display and I knew right where to go! I've had the 2mm in the past but for this one I got the 4mm and what a difference it makes! The perfect amount of squish and feels and LOOKS absolutely amazing! It was breathtaking to unravel from the mail and I have never been happier! I've never had a problem with it slipping or tearing or coming apart at the seams despite my clumsiness. I also really appreciate that it's machine-washable since I, again, am very clumsy! They've thought of everything and do everything to make sure it comes out perfect for what you paid for! The quality and customer service is top-tier and I could not recommend something more! Absolutely in love!!!

Better than expected!

I live in Sweden, so ordering this took more time than what I initially thought, and came with costs which I wasn’t aware about. But that is no problem when you actually get to see the result: amazingness! I didn’t even think the entire picture would fit onto the mousepad but they adjusted the size accordingly, I’m very happy about my purchase! (Also my sister, which I ordered it to for Christmas). The quality scales good with the price. Would recommend!(expect ~40 days for shipment if long distance, but that’s to be expected when ordering across the Atlantic)

I couldn't be happier with the results!

I ordered this right after Christmas in preparation for a new PC set up I'm still waiting to receive. I was blown away with how good the image came out and how well it conveyed my SpaceboyJD branding I have on other merchandise. I will absolutely be ordering more seeing how good the image came out. Thanks!

Great Quality

It was a long wait but was worth it! The quality is great to every detail, colors are very good and the texture is pretty good in my opinion. I will leave some photos below.
My only criticism is about the time we need to wait for a response to an email. The client support was very kind to me and he assured me that my issue is resolved which is great(I've sent a wrong image at start and asked them to change it with a new one). It's just that I've had to contact you guys from multiple places for an answer(gMail, Facebook, Instagram, official website).
It's also true that I contacted them just before Christmas and I can realise it's a very busy period, but I had a friend that had a similar problem an year ago and told me about this.
Anyway, I longed this message enough. :P Long story short, the quality is great and that's what matters. Would recommend to order to anyone that is skeptic or anything, it will be fine don't worry. You will love the product.

2 years later, still my favourite pad.

I cannot stress how good this mousepad has been, I’ve had it for around 2 years, it’s been used as a dining table, work station, PC building pad, and a quick wash in the washing machine and it comes out looking new, the edge stitching hasn’t frayed, the rubber backing hasn’t got any splits or cracking, and it’s a custom image mousepad, so why not get something ugly?

Great quality

Very happy with the pad, image quality is amazing. The surface is really smooth, my mouse slides easily.


Comfort 10/10
Picture Quality 10/10

The quality is fantastic! The print quality is very high. The mat comfort is huuuge. my mouse slide easily.
I really recommend you to buy this mat

Impressive quality and fast delivery

We really love our custom desk mats! We weren’t sure what to expect, but were really impressed with the quality of the print and feel! Would definitely recommend to anyone

Amazing Quality! My photo quality does not do this justice.

Turned out great. My camera isn't the greatest so don't let my image fool you. It looks a lot better in-person! Look and feel is fantastic. It is a bit pricey, but it will be worth it if you will be using it in the long run. The material feels like it's durable and built to last. Highly recommended if intend to use it for a long time.

The quality of the print is unreal! No details left out.

I wanted to use some of my drone shots to make some nice mousepads. Came across Specter. So glad that I did. The quality is absolutely unreal. The details, even the really small ones, came out clear and beautiful. They went well beyond my expectations.


came here to get a custom mousepad since i couldn't find any designs i liked out there. this thing is amazing! high quality and the colors are wicked vibrant. thank you so much!

Very high quality print and feel

I thought I was gonna be let down because of the cheap pricing of this, ( a branded generic mouse pad at that size in my country costs around the same as this ) but fortunately I'm very satisfied with this. the edges of the mouse pad are also colored, and the colors are vibrant.
thank you!

Great image quality!

I gifted my husband a custom mousepad for his gaming setup, he loves it! I couldn’t find any that fit both his interests and predominantly white/blue theming, so I went the custom route. So glad I did! I found a PC screensaver I liked and they made it print beautifully.

The quality of the mousepad is fantastic. It feels incredible to use with my mouse and the image I selected turned out brilliantly. Well worth the money!

Absolute Masterpiece

The quality of this product is just amazing.. The mousepad is super soft and comfy, the quality of the picture is perfect with all the smallest details present in the original picture.

Very quick!

Mousepad arrived only a few business days after ordering, very speedy for a customized product, and the print quality looks great, 10/10

Very good qualtiy

This is the first time I am ordering from this store and I ordered both the L and S size pads. Both turned out great, in terms of both feels and print. Although the print on the L size pad didn't print out exactly how I imagined, but that was completely due to how I edited my image using the provided template, which was very helpful. Despite this though, I am very much satisfied with what I received and will be happy to order from here again in the future.

Great quality!

Ordered two mousepads from them and I could not be happier! The image and color quality is incredible and the fabric is so soft and comfortable 😊 Have recommended them to all my friends and will definitely be buying from here again!


Its my second time buying, they are great


Really surprised, a really spectacular quality of finish and product, the images looked a little powerful but physically it is a super top product!

It's awesome ! Very great quality !

I'm happy with how it turned. I got one of the biggest and it look so f***** good. Worth the money ! I really recommand it !

Pleasantly Surprised High Detail

I'm very happy with the quality and detail of the custom desk mat, and wish I had an excuse to buy another one.

Picture quality: 5/5 Excellent - I was unsure of how the picture would turn out, but the details, colors, shading, and resolution are all excellent.

Mat Comfort: 5/5 Excellent - I chose 4mm thickness, and it's more comfortable than resting my wrists on a hard desk. My mouse glides over the surface easily no matter how much downward force I apply to it. This is my first desk mat/mouse pad, so I can't compare this to other desk mats or mouse pads. The top surface is very smooth like 750 count Egyptian cotton bed sheets (soft, comfortable, and silky smooth). The surface has a high density of threads (I'm unsure of exact count). There are no frays, loose threads, gaps, or cut threads. Pictures are attached of the desk mat and the original picture chosen. It is Diablo IV concept art from Blizzard.

Stitching Quality: 5/5 Excellent - The stitching around the sides appears to be done with continuous threads. There are several continuous lines of stitching along the edges. The thread color matches the picture I chose, and can only be seen from the bump made by the edge stitch. There are no visible frays or cuts in any stitches.

Rubber Grip: 5/5 Excellent - The rubber mat used for the bottom has excellent grip. I've tested the grip on tablecloth fabric, laminate desktop, and a quartz countertop. All surfaces had excellent grip. The grip level can be impacted by any loose debris under the mat. The rubber surface has small dense uniform ridges for texture. I see no rips, cuts, or blemishes in the rubber surface. The mat lays completely flat, and is quite flexible. The mat is able to be stretched when I pull on the sides further indicating that it's a nice soft rubber. As stated before, the mat is comfortable on my wrists. The mat is not so soft/thick that it hinders the use of a mouse. My mouse glides over the fabric surface easily no matter how hard I press down on the mouse. Getting a thicker or thinner mat may impact your results. This is a 4mm mat.

Customer Service: 5/5 Excellent: I ordered prior to the Christmas holiday (12/13/2022) and UPS ended up losing my package. This doesn't reflect on Specter as that was out of their hands; however, when I emailed Specter customer service they responded within a couple hours. They were able to escalate the issue with UPS and they continued updating me throughout the process. I received my desk mat a few days later.

Great quality overall, text is very easy to read, 10/10